Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I knew there was going to be trouble soon as I got to the race. My legs were still sore from my race there on Wed. which was dismal. I don't think my legs have been recovering. The race went better than expected since I didn't cramp up until about 1 mile left in the race. That's the longest my legs have lasted for several races. Was it the CarboRocket and Endurolytes! This year my legs are giving out before my lungs which is unusual. My latest assessment is that I am over-training. This week I am going to take it easy and see what happens.
It's interesting when I look at my times for last year. This was the start of my first place finishes in the sport category. Such good memories and feelings. So I have to look at this race and realize that I did about the same average time per lap as last year except that I did three laps instead of two. Something else interesting I noted is that this years 40 + expert class is faster than last year. With my time of 2:21 I would have placed 5th in the group last year compared to this year's 8th. Competition is good, but it hurts.

Dot did it again! I think she's feeling the pressure to move up :) Jen's leg is recovering well; she took 3rd!
Remember; the rate limiting component in cycling is you. Ride on.....

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