Thursday, May 1, 2008

SEA OTTER- April 20th

So the week after the Hurricane race we were headed out to Moneterey, CA to race. Lester, from delta7sports had brought up the race a few weeks before and wanted to know if we would race it. Carson, Chris, KC and I all went together (well I met them there). What a venue that was! Thousands of bikers all together on the Leguna Seca race course doing what they love.

The XC expert and semi-pro was on Sunday consisting of 2 laps (is 19/lap). We prerode it the day before and it seemed to take forever. Well race day came along it seemed we all blew up, especially me. Carson finished midpack, KC 6th and Chris towards the end. I was second to last!

About an hour into the race my quads cramped up so bad I had to get off and scream! I'm still trying to figure out why that happened. Anytime I began to push I could feel the cramping coming on. The worst part was when I had to get off a second time and a little old lady specatator yelled over to me "you should hydrate better and eat more potassium". Little did she know how close to death she had come that day.... OH, then my chain broke a few miles from the end. Not good. After all that it was a good experience.

Carson, yet again being stopped by bikers wanting to see the ARANTIX. It took at least three times longer to get anywhere with the bike since we kept having to stop and show it. (pics compliments of Chris H.)

Possibly the best part of the trip was stopping in Boulder City near Las Vegas and riding Bootleg Canyon. The whole canyon has been made into a Bike park! Here KC admires the "rock" I hopped over then realized it wasn't!

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