Thursday, May 29, 2008

DRAPER RACE - Wed May 28th

By the time the race and awards were done it was way dark! Here's the ARANTIX 69'er and "Regular" side by side without the front wheels.

The Memorial day race was washed out so we had the make up race yesterday. It was a good turnout despite the postponement and mid week time slot. The length of the races were shortened as well (Expert and pro only 2 laps rather than three- Thank God). The consensus was that this was a fun race and course. At the start there was a pretty wet and deep stream crossing from all the rain and late snowmelt. As ED noted on the ICUP website we would have plenty of time to let are feet dry between laps. The course conditions otherwise were good and fast.

This was the first race for the 69'er ARANTIX and I felt relatively rested. Well the ARANTIX didn't let me down. The climb was good as ever and then I hit Clark's! Generally I have to hold back on the downhill during rides since it is two traffic but now with the course closed to uphill traffic I was able to scream down! Wow! I couldn't believe how well it hugged the turns! Last year I raced the full suspension Stumpjumper down which did well on the turns, but the front 29 inch wheels made the descent even better! There's no going back. I again got out to a good start and was out in 4th after the long climb but the cramps and fatigue set in on the second lap and I slide to 6th.

I've been reading up about over training and some of the sources describe up to 6 weeks for recovery! I don't think I can wait that long! I do think that is what's been the problem. I worked extra hard a the beginning of the season due to this sponsorship that I really think I burned out. Oh well, the bottom line is I have to make this fun so I am going to take it easy for a bit longer and see what happens.

Dot didn't get first for once! She missed it by 6 seconds! Her and Tasha duked it out the whole race. Dot did say her chain fell off and she lost about 12-20 sec putting it back on. Who knows if that would have made the difference. Congratulations Tasha! (and Happy Birthday!) Brad KEyes, her hubby who races in my category took first. Not a bad pair of racers.

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