Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Clark's is open and only a few mud holes BUT WATCH OUT.....

I was digin it down the rollers at the top when I came around the turn and saw this downed tree. I let out the parachute, threw over the anchor and laid her down and even then slid under it! Before I could say S**t I heard it from someone else. There was a poor rider coming up and was just stepping over the first branch when I began my slide. He was scared S**tless and pale as a ghost when I picked myself up.

Yes, before you say it, I was careless, I need to ride in better control, I need to represent bikers better, I could have killed someone blah, blah, blah. SORRY! I HAD CLARK'S ON THE BRAIN! I can't stop! I need help!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mountain states cup- Fruita CO

Not bad

Carson, KC, Chris, Brad and I headed down to the first race of the Mountain States Cup in Fruita, CO. It started with a little disappointment. The cost to pre-register was $53 compared to $33 for the Intermountain Cup AND we got nothing! No shirt, No socks, No water bottle, No power bar! We've seen this a lot on our out of state races. I must say Ed runs one of the best and most affordable race series I've seen. (Note: I did feel much better after we found the Oskar blues beer van and found out they were handing out free beer. I took a couple to make things right)

The race organization was sub par as well. Due to a last minute course change made by the BLM the beginner and junior categories were made to do the course three times which took over 2.5 hours! What a way to introduce them to racing. They'll never want to ride again! So they realized their mistake and next made the sport categories only do two laps! Huh?

OK, enough complaining. Let's get on with the race report.

With all the above issues the expert/pro (now Cat1) categories didn't start until 11:30. Carson and I pulled up our camp chairs and relaxed watching the circus. By the time we started it was 70 degrees. I had a delemma. It was going to be a long 27 mile race and I only had one waterbottle cage and did not bring my camelback. One option was to carry an extra bottle in my back jersey pocket which is quite uncomfortable. Despite everyone telling me to do it anyway I decided chance it with one bottle.

The 40-49 group had about 15 of us in it. We headed of at a surprisingly easy pace along a dirt road for about 13 miles. Yes there was no single track at all for the first half of the race! It was a fast pace with plenty of room to pass and I found myself inching up and passing riders until I was near the front of the pack. I was VERY worried about this since my MO has been to go out too fast and then burn out at the end. But I found I wasn't breathing real hard and I felt I was on a pre-ride level of exhertion. So I continued on waiting for the rest of the pack to catch up any minute. The road section ended with a steep climb onto a mesa. I looked back and the pack was nowhere to be seen. The top of the mesa was all single track BUT it was really tough. It wasn't all that technical but it was either slickrock bumpy or with swells in the trail made by dirt bikes that never allowed me to get a rhthym going. It was a continual long grind, uncomfortable to sit but very tiring standing. still, I did pass several riders on this section but by this time had no clue which ones were in my category or even how many were up ahead of me. Finally, after a few harry decents we looped back to the road section breifly and then to a fun rolling single track section heading back to the finish. I was still feeling pretty good and would pass a rider or two. But as I was about 2 miles from the finish I felt like I bonked, I was daydreaming a lot and looking back even more knowing that the rest of the group including Bob S would be passing me any minute. It was here that I ran out of water, but that seemed just about right since I was so close to the finish. Somehow, I kept rolling with only two pro women that I passed a few miles earlier passing me before the finish. It felt like a good finish. I rode strong for most of the race and just about paced myself to get to the finish spent.

I got FOUTH! That was a lot better than I figured I'd get but I was only 23 seconds out of third! I think if I had been able to pre-ride the whole course and been more familiar with it I could have made up that much. Oh well, I'm happy with that result. (yet another complaint: They only gave prizes for the first three places. Not even ribbons like in the ICUP to 6th!)

So after a bit of rest and a couple of free beers, Carson and I felt that there was still a lot of time in the day and figured we'd pre-ride the course for the 18 hours of Fruita coming up in 2 weeks. That race is run by another organization so I figured it would be worth trying. The course is a VERY easy 6 miles around Highline Lake. It would be an excellent distance race for someone who hasn't done one. Chris and KC offered to race with us in a 4 person team. Who can turn down racing with the dynamic duo! (OH CRAP! I JUST CHECKED THE RACE SITE AND THE RACE IS FULL!) I guess we'll see you at 5 mile.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


At least I KNEW I had to go down south then. So what is this? Sprinter or Wintring?


Monday, April 13, 2009


Need I say more? We headed to OHio to see the grandparents and the cousins in OHio. Jonny cried last night and this morning because he was so sad the visit was over. He's OK now. Bike friends are cool but families are important.

Rode Provo Canyon today with Carson. It was pretty dry but really rough from the Elk and horses on it recently.

Fruita anyone? Carson told me of this race this weekend in Fruita to kick off the Mountain States Cup in Colorado. So I'm canceling Sea Otter and heading out to Race on Sunday. This will give us a chance to pre-ride the course for the 18 Hours of Fruita coming up May 1st. Anyone else going?

ARANTIX miles: 2525!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


As the stupid question goes: Do you want my good news or my bad news?

The bad news is: I had to work today :(

The good news is: I had to work at the Brighton clinic ;)

I saw two patients the whole day and boarded for over 4 hours in some incredible "leftover" powder. It was still my best powder day of the year! It was a good recovery after the race yesterday.


There was an avalanche early in the morning in Milli bowl when a skier knocked off a cornice and it buried him half way. He dug himself out. There was a question of possibly a third guy missing so they searched for a while longer until he was accounted for.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


No, not me, Dot! We went down to Hurricane for the Colla Challenge today. 8 hours of driving for a less than 2 hour race. Crazy but fun! We were planning on making it a weekend of it but the boys got sick. They were a bit better but in no shape for long drive. So Oma watched the boys for the day.

This year Dot moved "up" to the sport class from the 35+ 'old lady category'. So now she is racing younger gals AND twice the distance. She was apparently in 4th until the last couple hundred yards when she snuck up on the 26 yo in front of her and beat her by a couple seconds. Pretty exciting stuff from what I hear. I was still racing.

You heard it hear first! Dot must have been feeling pretty good after the race since she has agreed to race with Whitney in the Perfect 10 in Park City this year. I've been trying to get her to do a distance race for a while. Should be interesting.

I did not fair as well. I started out feeling really strong and probably got a little cocky and went out too hard. By the end of the second lap I got passed by Bob (his blog has a better description of the race) and Tim who I passed earlier. I never saw them again. I was barely able to maintain my position the third lap and ended up finishing 7th. It was a fun course but flat enough that you had to grind the whole time and there was not much rest possible. Over all a good day, but back to the work outs. I hope the weather clears.

How can a guy that dresses like this and rides a totally rigid single speed beat us all? He took first......RESPECT.

Carson and Scott rode down with us. Scott raced his single speed for the first time planning on it "just being a training ride". So he shocked us all when he pulled out a second place. Way to go! Carson is returning from a back injury and will keep working towards racing the 18 hours of Fruita with me in one month. Anyone else considering racing it?