Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I spent the morning helping Geoffrey Montague at Delta 7 Sports putting together the ARANTIX II. Then I spent the afternoon riding it at Sundance. A GOOOOOD day!

New frame in front and old one in the back.

It's incredible how much TIGHTER the new set up is! There is essentially no rattle, I step on the pedal and there is no delay or give. She jumps. I am not sure why there seems to be such a big difference between the old and new, but here are a few possibilities.

1. The weave is MUCH tighter. The weaving process has been improved. You can barely see each layer of carbon fiber unlike the first prototype I was riding and the weight is .5 lbs lighter. The time to weave it has come down from 300 hours to about half that. Those BYU students learn fast! The production bikes also have improvements in the chain stays' and bottom bracket's stiffness, increased lateral stiffness in the head tube and rear dropouts with more chain clearance.

2. I upgraded to SRAM X-O deraileur and Grip shifters. The old XTR shifters were worn and the cables were loose. Maybe it was the type of components or just NEW components.

3. Course- The Sundance course was nicely packed, firm and moist. It's usually powdery when I've been on it in the past.

Either way I am stoked at how good it felt. I'm going up to Corner canyon in the morning if anyone can get off and wants to meet me.

So a new generation has begun. I had the honor of riding the first ARANTIX ever made which lasted 2925 mountain miles and 320 hours of hard riding. I am definitely impressed. Now I am on the production bike and am excited to see more of them out there! Production is under way full strength. They have a sales team in France right now at a large bike trial event.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Wow what happened Monday? I got up excited that the rain was gone, the sun was out, we were going to race, there was going to be a party and a one hour delay was perfect to have time to relax and get ready. I was feeling strong and rested.

The boys' race was fun. They raced their heart out for 15-20 minutes.

Then Dot's race went off. It was fun watching her where several of the lower bush loops doubled back. It really is a fun venue for spectators. She pulled out a very respectable 5th despite the rude fat sport guy that ran her off the trail. That's probably one of the few times I felt like I wanted to beat up someone for her since I know she can normally take care of her self. I at least wanted to give him an education of MTB racing etiquete but who knows where that would have lead. Except I had no clue who he was. Did anyone else see who this dude was?
Dot looks like she floats across that stream with those big 29ers and her light weight!

Alas, The time came for me to race. I had lost my focus and was eager to head to the BBQ. Anyway, I started dead last which was consistant with my plan from Soldier Hollow. And then I passed a few guys and felt like I was moving up. Then I made my old mistake. It was going to be a short race so I pushed myself too hard up the road and by the third lap I flamed out. It wasn't as bad as Sherwood but not how I wanted to run it. I ended 9th out of 14th.

I had a great time with the team at the BBQ but my battery died, so no pics. Sorry.

Now the GOOD news! The new ARANTIX frame is in! With luck I'll have it put together for Sundance else early next week.

ARANTIX MILES: 2925! Will I hit 3000 before it is retired?

Monday, May 25, 2009


YEAH! Draper is on but I just talked to ED and he has put it on one hour delay "to let the course dry".
See you all there!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


So it's raining now in Draper, the day before the Draper ICUP race. Some may recall that last year's race was post poned as well. NO I'm not saying it is for sure, but I do know that Draper is very picky about riding on it's trails (especially Clark's) when it is muddy. I will go up to the race at 7 am to see what the status is and post or call around to let others know if it's not on.

Team riders, KC, Scott and Kevin Pre-riding last week. And to think at that time I hoped it would ran 'a bit' so the wall would stay packed.


An era in Dot and my life has passed. Aspen was our first pet and what a history she has accompanied us on. What dog can pee on command, let a one year old put his hand in her mouth and never complain? We will miss her but remember her each time we pass her at the cabin on "Aspen's Loop".

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hammerfest at Soldier Hollow- NO EXCUSES

After the terrible showing at Sherwood, I decided to rest up last week and recover. The week and race surprisingly went as planned.

I felt rested, if not very strong at the start of the race. I told myself I would run this race as I usually plan but never execute. I always burn out too fast, so I told myself I would not go out too hard this race. So I started off relatively easy being 5th off the back. It hurt the ego but I forced myself into my own race. It really hurt more when another rider in my category passed me towards the end of the first lap. Diligently, I maintained a nice steady pace, a bit dejected but somehow feeling that I had plenty of time. Half way into the second lap on the long climb I was surprised by how quickly I came upon that same rider. On the decent he caught me but I was not going to let him pass since I was feeling strong and new I would only have to work to pass him again. Once we hit the open descents I dropped him pretty quickly and felt energized. Next, I saw Tim White standing off to the side with what I assumed was a mechanical. I thought I might be seeing him again behind me though. Right after that I turned one of the corners in the lower grassy sections and saw three other riders from my category just up the small climb. I stood up and hammered past two of them and within 10 seconds passed the third racer who had just passed the other two. I heard a surprised gasp and deflated kind of UUHg from him and new I wasn't going to see them again. Then shortly thereafter, I saw Tim passing the same three and was wondering how long it would take him to catch me. I forced myself back into my steady pace and by the time the third lap came around I lost sight of Tim. That was the most excitement I had during the race. The third lap I was feeling worn but managed to pass Jessy, then spun a bit to work off a feeling of pending cramps, recovered and continued on. I never saw another rider in my category on that lap. I was too far off the front group to catch up, either.

Ultimately, I placed 5th. A couple minutes behind Bob Saffal but 6 minutes ahead of my last years time! I don't think I had much more to offer but I was not cramping and dying at the end either. It was a well executed race for the level I'm at. I have a better feeling where my legs are at which I hope can translate into a better idea of what I got to do to train. We'll see.

Draper pre-ride tomorrow and then the NEW Draper race Monday. Bob S is still in love with it but I am concerned that it is shorter and therefore will not give me enough time to catch the group as in this race. We'll see.

Dot, unfortunately, missed the turnoff to the 12 and under loop because the sign was knocked down and ended last. She was in Fourth at the time. She was REALLY upset. Sorry Dear.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am not too happy about the course change for the Draper ICUP race this year. The original course had a good steady climb but then had a lot of variaty- Clark's, couple sections of the BST, Golf course descent etc. This year it's all UP and then all DOWN without much room for passing. I rode it Monday following the ICUP page map. Here's my synopsis for those interested (Warning it's not a flowery description).

The start's at the Equestrian Center and goes under the road through the tunnel and turns left just as last year. The course then follows the Lower Corner Canyon trail to the dirt road. However, there is still a lot of construction in that area and part of the single track is closed. Who knows if it'll be open by race day. Anyway, somehow you get to the road part and stay right up to the T where Clark's ends and BST heads South. The difference now is that we go UP Clark's. I think this is going to be a LONG haul for beginners on single track! I see people walking their bikes up it every ride.
My buddy Rich: 57+ category had to stop a couple times to catch his breath. Where would that be safe during the race?

Next you hit Corner Canyon Road and head down just past where Jacob's Ladder empties onto the road. About 100 feet on the left will be the Ghost trail. I have to admit this is a fun down hill but not at all conducive for passing. Watch out for several trees leaning over the trail. They can take a head or shoulder out pretty easily!

After that fun short couple of minutes you come to a T. Right takes you past Ghost falls and to North lower Ghost but you make a Left and head down South Lower Ghost. This is a pretty narrow trail that can be loose and a bit rocky. Quickly you get to an option to turn right or to go straight. It was not clear on the map which way to go. I suspect right, but either way it will drop you breifly off onto Canyon Hollow trail. Turn Right for a very short distance and don't fall into the gully! It's deep! You will quickly see a sharp Right turn and a "short bridge". Cross it and head left off the bridge to Lower Ghost.

Lower Ghost is another fun rolling section but not very good to pass on considering significant drop off if you miss or push someone over.

You make a very do-able but sketchy left hair pin turn around "the Rock" and finish off Ghost. Go straight on the gas line double track and you will quickly hit the wall. If you ask me this part is stupid! Instead of taking a nice left across the bridge we have to go across a relative wide flowing stream and head up this stupid sandy hill that I guarantee more than half of us will be hiking! THEN we go down this washed out double track again which would be good to pass on but it is so washed out and pitted that it would be crazy to try to pass here as well!
THE WALL: Doesn't that look fun?

THEN we have to take basicly a high speed dowhill left U turn onto a narrow single track. Then we end up back at the bridge that any sane rider WOULD have taken instead of doing the wall. 10 feet before the bridge we take a sharp Right down the "Stairs" trail.

This section is narrow single track with several small boulder obstacles that aren't too bad but will slow us up but then you hit "the Stairs". These are ridable if you do it confidently and aggressively but I can see any hesitation could cause havoc. So, many will be tempted to walk this and likely be run over! There's no room to walk along the side!

Rich made it- the second time. This is a must to preride so that you get comfortable with it.

So finally, the route takes us back to the main road we started up to get to Clark's and now we have two way traffic AND have to cross traffic to get to the Creek Veiw trail! How they are going to manage this is beyond me!

Let's say you survive the crossing. So now you are up on a narrow sandy trail that is pretty exposed. It can be quite fast but then you have these hidden off camber turns that will take you into the oaks (I saw it happen Monday). OK, so let's say you survive this as well- (by the way I am not going to be on duty that day), you then have to watch out for the narrow sharp downhill left hairpin turn, or else, again, you will be in the Oaks. Finally, you will wind your way down across the bridge back to lower lower corner canyon trail and go through the tunnel and take a left through the stream. The rest is like last year's going through the bushes around the pond and then??? You are supposed to turn left up the short single track to get to the Equestrian center but as of monday there were 15 dump loads on top of it with the trucks still working there.

So, anyone with a more flowery experience? Please, uplift me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The last time I bonked like this was at the Sea Otter race last year, but I kind of expected it.

I had my belt (First Ban Bu) test Friday evening which consisted of a two mile run (6:29 min miles) and two hours of pushups, pullups, kicks, punches, form, defense techniques etc. My body was pretty sore race time. So I started out strong hanging with Darren in 5th and 6th for 1 1/2 laps and I was thinking hey maybe my legs aren't so bad so I passed him. I was going pretty good for another lap when the legs completely gave out. It was that proverbial wall, my ATP was gone, I was deflated (you get the picture). You know it's bad when instead of looking in front to try to catch the next racer you are looking back praying the next guy coming up isn't in your class. The last lap was awful. I tried taking water and even the CarboRocket failed me this time. Although, I must say my legs or calves did not cramp up like they did last year. My gut cramped and finally I had to drop to the dreaded granny gear to get up the last climb! How embarassing! I was actually surprised I still pulled out a seventh place. OH well at least I'm closer to a black belt! Maybe I can kick anybodies ass that wants to pass me? Just kidding:)

Anyone with more info on the new Draper course? I am planning on a MADDOG pre-ride Monday the 18th but open to all.

ARANTIX MILES: 2750 and 300 hours!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

5-mile mudfest

Today, 5 mile pass was more like 3 mile mud pit. So how bad did Dot and I want to do this lousy race? Bad enough that we dumped the boys' Karate tournament on Grandma! I am still regretting it.

It was pooring! So I told Dot that she shouldn't go because she would be miserable. Plus this was a good way to NOT get blamed when she is miserable there (husband psychology). I also told her she'd probably get first (husband know how and a bit more husband psycholgy). She decided to go. We got there to find out the race was postponed for an hour. Again, I told Dot she should take this chance to go to the Karate tournament. (yet more husband psychology) She decided to stay. I was proud of her.

Ed was climbing out of the muddy Ravine we had to race through and he was slipping and sliding up it. Walking. I thought for sure he was going to postpone. Nope the race went ahead but was shortened DRASTICALLY! It was just over three miles per lap vs the usual 11. Talk about feeling cheated! But it turned out to have saved me A HUGE hike. In short, I started out first for 20 seconds and dropped to last by 5 minutes worked up past three guys and just wasn't feeling strong in the legs. Later, I was pushing for the next guy in my class when I hit a sharp rock and pinch flatted. It was stupidity and laziness on my part. I had flatted on a ride last week and left the tube in instead of making it tubeless again. Well to make a senseless story short, I had to walk about 1.5 miles back to the finish. The biggest thing that bothered me about the whole thing was how weak my legs felt. I'm in that mode of not being able to tell if I am recovering enough from my training and racing or just NOT training or racing enough.

So back to the wife. She finished first! Husband psychology worked! I guess I'll have to enjoy racing vicariously through my wife.