Monday, November 29, 2010

When Did I Turn Into a Redneck?

So the Sunday before Thanksgiving I was "mind'in my own bidness" (This is what the beat up patients in Cleveland used to start their stories with) going through Parawon and hit some black ice towing my snowmobile trailer, hit the median, skidded for a mile or two- sideways- and flipped the trailer. That's the short version. Anyway, surprisingly the damage was limited and I decided to try and patch up the truck myself instead of dealing with the insurance.

So there I was the other day in my "toyshop" with the truck jacked up, my tools all around me in the middle of the night with the country music blaring and I saw the Miller High life beer I had bought to give to the Sheep herder during the Elk hunt (that's another story). And I was happy as can be! Then it hit me! I was a REDNECK!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Giving Blood- a Poem

I'm not much of a poetry kind of guy but this one got my attention and kept it.

Giving by Carol Lynn Pearson

I love giving blood.
Sometimes I walk in
Off the Street
When no one has even asked
And roll up my sleeve

I love lying on the table
Watching my blood flow
Through the scarlet tube
To fill the little bag
That bears no Address

I love the mystery
Of its destination.
It runs as easily
To child or woman or man
Black or white
Californian or Asian
Methodist , Mormon
Muslim or Jew.

Rain does too.
Rivers do.
I think God does.
We Do Not.

Our suspicious egos clot
On the journey from "Us" to "Them"

So I give blood
To practice Flowing
Never knowing
where it's Going
And Glad.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Got it!


It's hard to explain what it entailed, what it means,or why I did it but its satisfying.... for now.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Have you ever noticed life is a lot like biking (did Forest Gump say something like that?)?

Sometimes we are forced to choose between the easy way or seemingly harder paths. But how often have you taken the harder way to find it was much more rewarding?
Or sometimes none of the choices are easy.

What's this picture remind you of?
The Thinker on a bike.

Can you tell I had a good ride Thursday?.........