Monday, May 31, 2010


I new this race was really going to be all about just being happy to finish with my pec muscle still attached. It really wasn't going to be about what place I was in or how far back I was. Indeed with that perspective it was kind of nice not having the pressure from other racers. But what I didn't anticipate was racing with the demons.

I was good for about 4 minutes until the single speed front group caught up to me and a series of them were pushing to pass on the single track. That's when Demon #1 came along threatening to pass me and push me over. I held him off until we started the decent onto the long road before the CC road climb. There were a some soft sand pits that I knew he was going to push me into and make me fall. I took him on and shut him down.

I was going good and strong up the CC road and even passing some real racers. But that's where Demon #2 came along saying if I pass him he would be on my tail on the downhill pushing me until I went over. I pulled back a bit and let a racer by. Demon #2 won that one.

I got to the top safely and headed down the rough decent. All was going well when I hit the small off camber straight shot gully right before "Butt crack" climb. Demon #3 pushed me off into the gully where I struggled for the next 50 feet to not wipe out, get clotheslined by a branch and to get back onto the trail. Somehow I won that one and somehow I finished that lap in tact.

Things were going pretty good the next lap until I ran into Demon #4. As I was turning up CC road he pulled me down RIGHT ONTO MY HURT SHOULDER! I think I jumped up before I even hit the ground from the shock and fear. Luckily it was soft (hence the reason for the fall) and a slow turn up hill. That was it! I got so pissed at those Demons (and at myself for being such a wuss) that I never saw them again the rest of the race. From that point on I was racing like I had before these injuries. Although, I have to admit once I got to the top I did flex my pec a couple of times to make sure it was still attached. After that I actually thought about my sore back, weak legs, sore thumb and burning lungs which was refreshing to worry about again.

In the end I wasn't last (11th I think), and despite all the Demon issues and fall I did not once feel any pain or pulling on the surgery site. I AM BACK!
RACE #2 - Kids Pasture Race
After the awards the team headed back to the homestead for some BBQ and relaxation. We did have our best ever Pasture Race for the kids. Here are some pics of our awesome racers.

The nice thing about this race was they were ALL winners!

ARANTIX II MILES: 340 (The count resumes for 2010)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gonna race tomorrow. I'm nervous. I'm excited. The downhills are still quite jarring on the scar.

I don't even know if I can do all three laps. We'll see.

Just don't push me over, Please!

The good news is, afterwards is the Post Race BBQ.

This may be kinda late, but anyone not yet officially invited, stop on by the house and join the Mad Doggers in some festivities. If you want a meal bring a side to share. If you just want to stop for a chat and drink come on over. We'll be in the back.

Remember the Kids Pasture Race for ages 12 and under will be held so bring the kids bikes.

See you at the races!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I gave the Draper course a second try tonight. I ran into Bob S and gang as I was heading up so I shadowed them to make sure I had the course right. It was marked much better this time around as well. Kudos to the trail guys (whoever you are) because the rough stuff has been nicely fixed. The Butt-crack hill seen below from the top is rideable.
Even the really tight bank on the last single track section has been improved tremendously!The raging stream crossing is still there, but at this point it has become a classic part of the race, not to mention great entertainment value for the spectators.
It is a good combination of passing 4x4 road sections at the beginning, mixed in with a few minor technical sections, a couple short steep climbs and a bunch of tight single track. I think it will be good.
We will have a scheduled pre-ride for Mad Doggers and anyone else who wants to come this Friday at 5 pm at Equestrian center. We'll do a couple laps so if you want to come later for the second one, I'm sure you can hook up with us.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Has Hell Frozen Over?

what the Heck? Is today May 24th? Not to worry, though. The Draper race has a history of getting weathered out, but now the bad weather will have been spent up by the race so it'll be beautiful and packed.
I think I'll wait to register day of.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Made it on the dirt- 2 hours worth. Not too bad, but the bumpy downhill sections reminded me of where the scar is.

So there are some flags out marking the Draper course. Beats me if I could figure out where to go, though. Here's a few questions areas I had that maybe a reader can help me out with.
1. Do we go up or down this butt-crack looking hill
2. The arrow says to go down this sandy road section, BUT...

How long will this road block be there?

3. Do we need to bring our machetes or do we get trail building points?

4. Do we go UP or down "the wall"- not pictured

I'll go up again next week and see if I can figure it out. I'll reserve judgement until I figure out which ways up.

Either way I think I will be able to race- timidly.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Today/Tonight I had one of the best rides of the season. Gooseberry Mesa LLC had a board meeting tonight at the Bayou (600 S State st.) One of the members suggested we ride our bikes to the meeting and I thought it was a great idea. Never mind that I let someone borrow my road bike and I had to take the ARANTIX the 19 miles to the meeting. One of the members offered to "pull me" there with the idea of taking Trax back. We had a very productive meeting (stay tuned) and had some GREAT brews from Epic Brewing, not to mention a dozen buffalo wings. While the meeting was going on I was "minding my own bidness" and I 'accidentally' ingested a bottle of the above-Brainless Golden Ale (9%etoh). The meeting was completed and not being of sound mind (or body) I suggested to the member that we could ride home. He too had an accidental ingestion episode and agreed with me. So with the dark closing in we trekked down south to home. Thank goodness the member was there 'cause he Pulled me all the way home. I wish I had a heart rate monitor on 'cause it was a race pace to keep up considering the wings were attempting to swim out of the Brainless Ale in my gut and out to the street. We made it at by dark. I must say that was the quickest way to sober up I've ever experienced. BRAINLESS!

The member-pulling me home.

The other member- whose much more down to Earth.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This weekend was the Sundance I-CUP race that Mad Dog Cycles and Mad Dog Race team sponsor. There was a great showing from the team. Here are some pictures I took- since I wasn't racing. Although, I've been feeling good training on the road I didn't think it prudent to race yet. It was good being at the venue and seeing everybody, though. I did dress up in the new team gear AND I even hit the dirt for the first time. The uphill was no problem, but bouncing downhill definitely reminded me I was pushing it. I'll give it more time.

I did have a visit with my orthopedist Today at 3 am (pretty cool not having to wait in line :) I had to call him in for another patient. It's been 6 weeks and he realized the waiting was driving me crazy so he officially released me to ride, noting, "just don't do anything stupid". Good Luck to me.......

I'm going up CC this week to try out Clark's I'm SOOOOOO excited!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I got the Garmin Edge for myself for my Birthday. Here's my B-day ride. I know it's not a very exciting one, on the road and all. But I was excited I felt comfortable enough to begin doing intervals. For those expert "Edge'rs" if you have any tips on some cool things you can do with it outside the basics, let me know.
The arm feels great 6 weeks out, but all the research on rehab I can find still says I should just be getting out of a sling and beginning range of motion. It's really feeling strong, though. I hope to hit some easy dirt in the next week or so.
I had an 'interesting' birthday, yesterday. I spent the day with my "suspended from school" third grader! I never thought it would happen this soon! I don't think the act was bad enough for a suspension, but then parents never do. Anyway it was pretty cool hanging out with him and have a lot of "talk" time. I think it was a good life lesson for him and a memorable 44th for me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's been 5 weeks since the pec surgery and I couldn't stand it anymore. So I got on the bike and went for a ride. Wow! What a relief! I had forgot its hard to ride with more weight on one side. I was trying not to put pressure on the bad arm. The body mechanics didn't work so good with that and I got a pretty good back ache. But it was worth it. So as long as I don't wreck or get hit I should be OK to train on the road. Now how soon I can hit the mountains will depend on time and how much I want to defy my surgeon's advise- again.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's been 4 weeks since the shoulder surgery. It doesn't hurt, but I am still restricted to putting any weight on it. It's been frustrating but being layed up but not completely inabled has had some advantages. For instance, today was 5 mile pass race. It was a cold, wet day and I didn't have to worry about deciding if I had to suffer in it or feel guilty about bailing. I got to go see both the boys' games instead. As a matter of fact this month there hasn't been the "do I train or do I spend time with the family" dilemma.

BUT, there has been the apprehension of "am I wasting away" "getting weak" "how long will it take to get back into condition" fear. AND I went to the team meeting and felt like I didn't belong! I got the itch to race really bad at the meeting. But I am still looking at (what seems like) a long time before I can race. In the meantime I can enjoy some free time and the family.
Pictionary- Adults vs the kids- try it sometime

But I think in the end I've realized I might have to strike a better balance between family and racing.

I hope to hit the road next week. We'll see how that goes.