Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Keep An Active Women Sane....

So far Dot is doing well at home; relatively independent about getting up and around- even going up and down stairs (Yes, I warned her not too!). But, right now she is definitely reminded of her limitations by the surgical pain and very slowly improving stomachaches. This has kept her cautious and seemingly resigned to resting. Also, emotionally she seems to be comfortable with the situation she is dealing with- at least on the outside.
What happens next is my next concern. For a VERY active person I've been wondering how she would handle "going cold turkey" from working out. She has been advised no strenuous activity for about 6 weeks and that would be like twice as much time off of working out as she has taken our whole married life. Yes, maybe that's a little exaggerated but you get the picture. How she will handle this is a nagging thought in the back of my mind. The good thing is that she is very attuned to her emotional needs and I trust she will do well- as long as her husband stays out or her way.

OK, so as soon as I pushed the publish button, Dot came in and said, "I think I am in trouble: I'm bored.".... See what I mean?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Mommy; Happy Boys

Dot was feeling and LOOKING good enough today to see the boys. It was a good day.
She's coming home tomorrow morning.

happy daddy


Here's Dot's bright message: "Thanks for your thoughts, I am doing much better this morning. Let's hope this afternoon is better than yesterdays."

She is off all pain meds, gently walking the hallways and in much better spirits! Yay!

What a difference 12 hours can make.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two steps forward; One step back

Dot's sleeping and doing well now. Earlier, she had a little setback with an Ileus (ie as is common after surgery the bowels stop working causing severe stomach pain and cramping). She's been really tough and worked through it through the day. I am sure we will take another couple of steps forward tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silent Night?

All is well. She is sleeping peacefully (until the next blood pressure check).

Can you beleive she had dreams even under anesthesia!

Good night....


Dot only had two goals for today, to wake up after anesthesia and to have both legs. She met and exceeded them!

I've just gotten word that she is in recovery after a successful surgery. AND they were able to keep the graft short enough so it didn't have to extend into her leg which would have meant a longer scar and having it go under the inguinal ligament which could cause further problems later on.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.


It looks like the typical patient frustrations begin. We've been delayed until 10 am. This is just to let you know so people don't get nervous if they aren't contacted until later in the day.

Dot's doing great. I'm proud of her.

More updates to follow for those interested.

Monday, January 25, 2010


The interest and oodles of good wishes even BEFORE Dot's surgery has been tremendous. Thank you all! We also found that communicating what happened was easier and provided more information with the pictures on this blog that we've decided, for the short term, this blog will be dedicated to Dot and her recovery.

We have been greatly appreciative of how many poeple have been so supportive and have offered to help out. Dot's mom is here to help out and I've arranged my schedule to be available as much as possible. But I know she has especially appreciated the support from her biking friends! They understand the best.

It's an interesting experience both having a medical background and going through the patient process. There are the advantages of knowing what to expect but also the disadvantages of having seen some of the rare complications. I don't think over all it is any easier.

We are scheduled for a 7:30 am surgery time, tomorrow. At least it will be a short sleepless night for Dot.

We'll keep you posted.

Friday, January 22, 2010

WARNING: Endofibrosis of the Iliac Artery in cyclists

This blog is submitted with permission from my wife to help educate the cycling community. She has this! And she is scheduled to have surgery this Tuesday.

Dot had been complaining since an ICUP race in July that her right leg was getting numb and painful when she would run or bike. Then this week it would hurt when she would even try to walk fast for a few minutes. When this happened her right foot would turn completely white. She went to a sports doc yesterday and had an Ultrasound that showed an Arterial clot in her Iliac artery! Today she had the angiogram shown below. The ends of the paper clip show where there should be signs of the contrast in the artery but there is nothing. That section will need to be bypassed by a graft.Apparently, this is a relatively new condition being found predominantly in intense cyclists that is becoming more prevalent as there are more people taking up the sport. The theory is that the constant bending at the waste causes repeat trauma to the artery and it begins to scar. Scarring then narrows the artery limiting flow and also sets up increased clotting risk. Signs to watch for is exercise induced pain and numbness to the leg with some loss of capillary refill (color). In the end stages diminished pulses than the other side are possible.
Dot is being a sport about it but the frustration shows. Her frustration is that by doing all the right things such as exercise, diet, and no smoking she gets a major health problem before she would have if she didn't stay "healthy". Not fair. Is it?

The recovery from surgery has generally been 90-100% to full activity with some athletes returning to full competition. But as Dot said at the end of last season- she is retiring from racing. Was her mind and body telling her something then?

I love you, dear!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shattered Plans, Shattered Back

2010 has turned into a rough start. Initial plans were to race Temecula this month with Carson but those plans were looking sketchy last week so we thought we could go down for Camp Linda in St George for some good,long ,warm, dry, freshair riding but it's been canceled due to all the rain. Then to REALLY F things up I jacked up my back last week grappling with the teacher in Karate. This weekend I did a little sledding with the boys and thereafter, couldn't sleep for two days. It's slowly getting better but who knows how long it will take to get back into condition. Back's can be tough buggers to heal. Oh well, I guess I got the rest of the year.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

St George- Out and back in 14 hours

I was desperate to get out of this foul air soup and to ride. Luckily Carson was too and we took off yesterday to St George. It was "terrible"! (That's the official line we decided to give our wives)
In reality we hit temperatures up to 60 degrees F, no wind, clear sunny skies, no smog and 5 hours of riding. Moving down there crosses my mind every time I ride there in the winter- but then summer is a different story.
This is from Sidewinder off of Barrel Roll. We also hit Barrel Roll, Black Brush, Zen, Bear Claw Poppy.
We had soooo much fun that we are rethinking Temecula. It is the same weekend as Camp Linda and as one wise blogger put it, "it is 3 more days of riding with half the drive". That's hard to argue with. So at this point it looks like it will be Camp Linda unless the weather is awful, then we will continue driving to CA.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aimless in 2010

I've been contemplating what goals or resolutions to set for 2010 all year long. Should I continue to do every ICUP? Should I get out of state more? Should I hang up racing? Should I do longer distances exclusively? Should I get a new bike (aside from my Uni)?

I don't know. But what I DO know is that I'm not stressed about it. I have a feeling it's going to be a good year but why or how I just will have to see. Reading the blogs and talking to several other riders, this seems to be a common theme this year. I like it. See you all on the aimless road of 2010!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New ride for 2010

Here it is! Yup, I guess I only deserved half a bike from Santa this year. Any tips on how to stay on one of these would be helpful.

Happy (belated) New Year!