Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've been feeling really good the last week. I just got my new belt in Karate (only 6 months out from black) and have been really excited to return to racing. Then tonight I was grappling with the teacher (again). We weren't even going at it that hard since I vowed to take it easy so as not to reinjure my back. And all of a sudden as I was trying finish the take down we both heard a "RRRIIIIIPPPPPP" and stopped. I actually initially thought that he dislocated his shoulder. Then I started to feel the pain in MY chest. I TORE MY FRIGGIN PECTORALIS (CHEST) MUSCLE!

I should just give up and make this into a medical blog instead of a biking one. In general these need to be repaired. I am going to see the Orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to see what he recommends. So I need to see what happens next and don't know if I can make it down to Hurricane. I'd like to come down even if I don't race. We'll see.

Here's some images of what I think is going on. We'll have to leave it to the expert for the final diagnosis.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready Or Not Hear I Come!

That's whether I am ready or not. I can't stand it anymore. I gotta get out there to get butterflies, to burn out my lungs, to eat every one's dust, to waste $39, to tear apart my bike, to tear apart my body to prove what? To prove I can do it of course. And admittedly I just hate being left out....

So Cholla here we come!

Oh and guess what? Dot asked me to get HER bike ready too! No not to race, but at least to- maybe- get back on! This would be the first time since the surgery.

Corner Canyon is getting there. We (Carson and I) were able to put together nearly 2.5 hrs of single track!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


As I was enjoying my ride yesterday I came upon the Glide park at the point of the mountain. It made me realize the extraordinary world class recreational opportunities we have. It boggles my mind what there is to experience here. We have water sports (who would have expected that in a mountain state?) such as boating, water skiing, river running and fishing. We have the best snow for activities like skiing, snowmobiling and even Olympic venues. And then the there are gorgeous land based activities of hiking, camping, hunting and our favorite- biking! Heck (utah term for Hell) we even have extraordinary geologic opportunities such as fossils and rockhounding. Then you throw in air activities like world class hand gliding and you wonder how anyone can sit home and get fat on the couch! I'm just going crazy NOT attempting to do it all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


With the new time change and the spring like weather it was time to road test the knee. It's been 10 days since the surgery and the knee has been feeling good. I tested it out on the trainer Saturday and it felt pretty good. So today "to be safe" I figured I'd ride on the road (plus the trails were still soaked). 1.5 hours later I was all smiles! The knee felt strong! I stayed mostly in zone 2 but tried 3 short intervals which went well.

So the plan worked. I got both legs to feel weak so I can begin the rebuild process symmetrically. My left quad is no longer numb and is feeling stronger and now after the surgery on the right knee they feel the same- weak. So I got two weeks to get them race ready for Hurricane.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy St George Race- Riders!

The weather looks ideal, reaching to a sunny 60 degrees. The wind will be calm, the excitement of the start of the season will be wafting in the air. Riders will be sharing stories of their winter slumber trying to gauge who was able to train and who let it go. Old races will be revisited, good times reflected and new hopes will be harbored. New faces will be welcomed and perhaps old ones not there will be fleetingly thought of. The reunion is upon you, the family has gathered from afar. And the competition will be as intense as ever. Good Luck to all and know that you are in my thoughts.....

I have chosen another path for this year in the hopes that missing this sentinel race I might be healed to race many more- later.

For you see, I had knee arthroscopy-medical for knee scope- yesterday. I hope it went well (but the soreness now makes me hope even more that it was worth it). I had a torn meniscus repaired (really, it was just rota-rootered). I have been dealing with this for several years and it has progressively become worse so I figured I'd get it over with and see what happens. Let the rehab begin!