Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lester is one of the guys at Delta 7 Sports instrumental in getting me on the ARANTIX. He has finally seen the light and decided to race! He showed up at the St George race having lost over 10 lbs while spinning and training indoors through the winter months. This race was originally a challenge among the higher ups in the company. From what I understand there was a lot of "talk" of who was going to beat whom. Kris and Jay were no shows. What happened guys?
So anyway, Lester showed up on his brand new ARANTIX without having actually ridden it much on real dirt but he showed up! I was kind of excited as I wanted him to get a feel of a race on the bikes he reps. A new pro rider, Jeffrey Montague, also riding for Delta 7 Sports showed up. I'll have more on him on another blog.
What I need to note is that Lester has never raced before nor from what I understand really been pushed on a mountain bike. It's these kinds of people I really love introducing the sport to. Sometimes it seems intimidating to go on bumpy trails especially when you call it a race. But, in my perspective its just another ride but with a few other people. You make it as intense and competitive as you want.
So Lester headed off somewhat timidly at the start which is OK for ones first race. I was excited to see how he did. So I waited.... and waited.... and waited near the finish wanting to get a picture of him as he raced by. I got worried and finally gave up thinking maybe I missed him and headed back to the finish line. I found him later safe and sound. He had some "learning" issues about not taking water and mild asthma trouble. BUT he FINISHED! WAY TO GO LESTER!
I hope he can be an inspiration to the other no-shows at Delta 7!
I'm looking forward to Lester's next race. AND hopefully he'll have the new Delta 7 sports race Jersey and shorts on! Stay tuned.......


mugimo said...

Hey, I lost more than 15 lbs!!! I had a good time and looking forward to more races and much better results!

I think I have at least one more guy from the company planning to join us for the races as well.

ER Dad said...

I still think the administrators need to try their product on the trails. Keep challenging them to show.