Friday, March 13, 2009


Now winter can be over! What a beautiful couple of days to be burning fuel! As much as I don't care for motorized recreational equipment I have to admit snowmobiling is the one exception. The freedom, exhilaration and the workout can't be beat. Yes, workout. If you get off the trails and into the powder the amount of total body strength needed is incredible. I'm exhausted and sore after 1 1/2 days of riding. I figured this was my last "cross-training" with the snowmobile before I put it in storage. It was worth it. We covered nearly 100 miles and toured remote areas we could never see otherwise. Now back to the pedals.


Brad said...

So that's your cross training secret! I can do that. The few times I went sledding were a blast. Good for you and good luck this season.

Brynn said...

So, how's your wrist?