Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today I had a great 3 hour ride with my team and friends. No, not the fake sign anyone on facebook friends, but real live in-person biking friends. Before I joined the Mad Dog Race team I was a lonely 'recreational' biker without a purpose. Joining the team changed everything. Just seeing and riding with higher levels of riders inspired me to reach to those hieghts. Interacting with health-concious people with the same or greater enthusiasm for the sport was refreshing. And like today, just having a group to go out with on a beautiful day to welcome Spring was fantastic. So if you are lonely and want to come out of your biking closet consider a team. The Mad Dog Race team has had a great surge in riders but there is room for more. Contact Keith if you are interested.

The ride: We met up on the Provo trail, headed up to Race course, Up Betty's to the Alter, back down Crank and Ireland and back up to the Alter via Roller coaster, down Frank's over to Dragon's back, up and back down the South BST over to Timpanogos Park up Race course to North BST and back. As the ride went on people dropped off slowly. I finally had enough and couldn't hang with Chris, KC and Tim (what monster riders they are!) and headed back. It was simply a good day with the team.

Now I'm headed down to Vegas for a conference. I hope to take the bike and hit Bootleg Canyon a few times.



Anonymous said...

I was hoping to run into you guys today, but wasn't so lucky. Looks like you had a great time. And I agree being on a team is awesome.

Aaron said...

I see 4 Superflys - all ridden by fast people. Must be the bike.

Madder Doggers are good people on a good team. I like riding with those (you) guys.

KC said...

Good riding with you as always and hope it was worth the trek down to the UC.