Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So what do all these have in common? Nothing except what my last three days have been about.

I headed down to Las Vegas to a conference for an update on critical care and resuscitation. So what did I Learn? There's more of a push for 1:1 PRBC and Plasma transfusion in massive trauma....Ahh- never mind.

The key was I went down with Dale an ER colleague and CME buddy of mine who is also a P90X guru and coach. Conferences tend to be pretty sedentary but when I go with Dale we work out any off time we get. The deal this trip was we do a P90X session daily AND we go do some mountain biking every day as well (of course the meetings as well). This was one way to 'save' money by staying out of the Casinos as well.

I'll highlight the biking here since that was the highlight. We hit Bootleg Canyon on the first day which was as fun as ever. We cruised Mother, POW, Girl Scout and a few other trails I forgot the names of. It's incredible how extensive the trail system is and how well taken care of it is.

The weather was great and Dale did pretty good due to his Beachbody conditioning despite not having much MTB experience.

The next day we hit the Blue diamond/Cottonwood Valley area. I must say I am preferring this set of trails more and more over the Bootleg Canyon system.

We hit trails called Black Velvet and the long Landmine loop that took us through the cool little town of Blue Diamond. The trails were fast and packed. This is definitely the time to ride there since I am sure the summer temps would be unbearable.

For anyone heading to Las Vegas these are some great trails only 1/2 hr from the strip that are worth seeing.


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