Monday, March 2, 2009


Notice the Draper temple in the background behind Jeff B. Anyone want to tour it with me tomorrow? I have a couple extra tickets. The local stake president is taking me. It should be interesting. Yes, we all need to be open minded. Be at my house at 7:45 if your coming :)

We hit CC today. It's nice and dry as other posts have noted. We got in about 1:50 before I hit some of it again for a while. Take advantage of it before the rain.

Going to head up north to ride with Stupidbike tomorrow at noon. Sounds like it should be good.



KC said...

Even if you don't know or understand everything about the temple, it is still an amazingly beautiful building. I went through it on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Is this the first time you have toured an LDS temple?