Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So the temple was pretty cool. I got a special tour and there was hardly anyone there. No matter what your persuasion (religiously), it is worth getting a perspective on what your neighbors charish. The tour helped me see what make the LDS tick. I had toured the AF temple when I moved to Utah and was shell shocked. This experience was a bit different. A good neighbor took me and it was really neat to see his perspective. His pride and reverance for the place made me respect him and his beleifs. And I do beleive he respects where I'm at. Now only if I can take him up to Dry Creek.

Right after the temple tour I headed up for my personal spiritual release. Today I joined up with Bob on the U of U shoreline trail. This is where I started riding when I moved to Murray. I remembered those hills as gut busters! Well I had a reunion of sorts, today. It was really neat having a past yardstick to measure where I am at currently. There was nothing hard about the ride today! It was great. Or maybe I was just extremely out of shape back then?

I parted ways with Bob S and UtRider (who we joined on the trail) at Dry Creek. I wanted to try it but Bob was much wiser and felt it was still too muddy and headed back. I was able to ride most of the way until I got to the sharp left steep turn. It was pretty muddy, though. The above pic was the norm about 40% of the time with mud another 40%.

All in all a lifting day.

ARANTIX miles: 2360

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm....not gut wrenching, that is a sign for great finishes this year.